Didi Jewelry Project Artisan Nagma

Nagma is the youngest member of The Didi Jewelry Project. She has an excitement for life and learning new things that rubs off onto the other women. Her mother and father are both HIV positive and they have 6 girls, which makes them very happy, but also causes a lot of financial stress because of the dowry system. Nagma is very happy when she makes jewelry and jumps at any opportunity to learn something new and get more work.

She is also very excited to create her own beautiful designs. Her mother makes jewelry sometimes as well, but it is difficult for her because she has poor eyesight. Ferzana, Nagma’s mother, told me that she is so happy when there is jewelry orders because she does not have to worry about feeding her children. Nagma’s mother is very proud of her hard work and skills. Nagma is very happy that she can contribute to her family and help their financial situation.