Didi Jewelry Project Artisan Champa

Champa is a shy, kindhearted widow living in Delhi. When she married she did not know her husband was HIV positive. Now she has the virus and is struggling to support her two children. When The Didi Jewelry Project began 3 years ago Champa stood out with her enthusiasm and skill. She is eager to learn new designs and skills and is a strong leader of the project. She lights up when she learns something new or creates a new design.

She carries herself in a completely different way, she is confident in herself, and she is confident that she can support her family. Since I have engaged myself in making in making jewelry, I feel happy. I have gained confidence now that I can do something to take care of my family. Earlier it was difficult to pass my time and I used to just think about my disease, but now I am earning and supporting my family. I don’t have time to worry.